15 09 2013

Rhymez I Wrote a haven for rappers-News


BIG things, and I mean big things, are happening on the local hip-hop scene and I was very chuffed when Iattended last week’s The Rhymez I Wrote that was hosted by the Mannenberg Café last week.
The Rhymez I Wrote concept is the brainchild of Dizzy Don, who is proving to be the local equivalent of US-based Diddy due to his impressario and organisational skills. Dizzy, real name Donald Maposa, is the man behind the underground hit Dzamira Dzega as well as Freshlyground and it’s a wonder why the man is not in the mainstream as yet.
The Rhymez I Wrote concept, says Dizzy, is a platform for rappers as well as unheralded singers who believe they have what it takes but ain’t getting enough exposure and the platform they need.
Also The Rhymez I Wrote has helped to re- establish old timers who have been quiet for some time and were thought to be sinking into oblivion.
But really what caught my eye was the usage of live instruments by artistes who were performing last week. Music among the youths is surely rising.
“Hip-hoppers and urban groovers have always been accused of being bubble gum, because we use CDs most of the time, so the live band has gained us respect even with the mature and older crowd, we have kept it real. We have an open Mic session which is an attempt to give everyone a chance to be heard regardless of experience or fame. It also gives the audience a one-stop shop for all music and spoken word. We feature poets, singers, rappers, beat boxers as well as comedians,” said Dizzy Don.
I had never heard of this cat called Baba Shupi (not the comedian news reader) but I was really impressed by his humourous social commentaries as well as his laid-back approach to music and life in general. Baba Shupi, from what I saw and heard last week, is one hell of a musical comedian and his act is full of energy and charisma laced with laughs here and there.
His playful, animated and lively act brings you back to those days when music was still music – just carefree and entertaining.
With all due respect Baba Shupi reminds me of the great late Marko Sibanda whose songs were a staple on radio due to their playfulness as well as thought-provoking lyrics which touched on a variety of social issues.
Baba Shupi has just released his debut album “Twunonaka” that is also featuring heavily on the local charts as well as radio stations.
The nine-track album in my view is one of the most refreshing releases this year and without doubt helps to cement Baba Shupi’s status as a social commentator.
But my real surprise of the night was when I saw forgotten legend Mizchief, who is now going by a new moniker The Big Miz, taking centre stage. Miz was a big hit when he was with Channel O doing rap programmes and it seems the big man hasn’t lost any of his flavour.
The big man blew up the crowd then he took them down memory lane especially with his rendition of the legendary Satchmo’s hit “It Still is a Wonderful World” which was well received by the bumper crowd.
Miz also gave the crowd a taste of some of his new tunes which I think will help re-establish him as one of the finest rappers from this part of the world which he recorded at Rhymez I Wrote Rekords.
“I am around man and have been doing what I know best. My next album is due soon and it shall show that I haven’t lost my touch at all.
“A lot of these cats have been saying I am a spent force but to say the truth I have been behind the scenes doing my stuff and now I am back with a big bang,” said Mizchief.


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