The Artist

As the retired United States Army General, Colin Powell would say, “A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination and hard work”. The same can be said for Dizzy Don.


Dizzy DonBorn Donald Mpumelelo Maposa in, Harare on May 26 1983 the journey of a future entrepreneur and musician began to unfold. However, nature of his father’s business, he was forced to relocate from one town to another on a regular basis.

In 1989 he began his primary education at Goldridge School in Kwekwe but moved back to Harare and completed his primary school studies at Lewisam School where he learnt with Tatenda Jenami ‘Take 5’ who later became his producer. However, at that moment none of them knew that they were going to venture into music.

In 1996, he began his secondary school studies at Falcon College in Bulawayo before moving to finish his ordinary level studies at Watershed College in 1998.

During the period between the year 2000 and 2001, Donald was at Open Learning Centre where he did his advanced level studies. He then crossed the Limpopo and began studying for a Degree in Social Science (Majoring in Industrial Relations and Philosophy) AT Rhodes University from 2002-2005.

It is at Rhodes University that his musical journey began. His friends found it puzzling that how could he love music from the Beetles and Bone Thugs, considering the contrast the music has. It is from this weird reality that they labelled him as a ‘Dizzy’. So this is how the name ‘Dizzy Don’ was birthed.


One of his friends Tafadzwa Nigel Gwanzura  aka T.N.G decided to record a hip-hop album for the school, each residence had to have a representative and Donald was selected to represent his residence. Dizzy Don at first refused because he had never recorded before nor did had he ever composed music. Tafadzwa convinced him just to try because he was good at singing along to other hip-hop artist’s music.

One thing led to the other and Dizzy finally gave in and recorded a track called the ‘7 MC’s of Grahamstown’ which did very well on the school, town and community radio stations.

However, this era of stardom was short-lived because mid-way into 2006 he completed his studies and returned to Zimbabwe with an Honours Degree in Social Science.Dizzy Don

On his return, Donald began looking for a job and he could not find one so the entrepreneurial genes imparted to him by his father began to manifest.

He ventured into the supply of tomatoes to the urbanites. He got connected to farmers at Mbare Market that would supply him with fresh farm produce which he would then sell in town. This somewhat flourishing business venture was sadly stopped in its tracks, due to a cholera outbreak that made it difficult to carry on with the trade.

This did not deter him at all, but paved way for yet another enterprising idea. In 2007 Mpumelelo began supplying local Spar supermarkets with bakery products from Polokwane, South Africa and he was also supplying the South African market with brooms and mops a In the midst of all this, he got married.

Due to the stresses and of trying to start a family and balancing business, he decided to look for a formal job, which enabled him to spend more time with his wife and establish a robust foundation for his marriage.

His god’s gave him favour and he began working at SMM Holdings as a graduate Human Resources trainee. He left  SMM Holdings in 2009 where he was now a Human Resources Officer and he joined Delta Beverages  with the same credentials.

It is in 2009 that the music in Don was re-ignited and this time it was going to grow to be the dominant factor in his life. Donald hooked up with some of his friends from Rhodes University and began working on a project to fight gender based violence through music.Dizzy Don

It is at the launch of the album at the Book Cafe that Don turned a new leaf in his life.

“This was my first time to be on stage as an artist after a long time. The way the crowd received me on that night was just overwhelming. It is at that moment that I decided music was what I was born for. After staging a memorable performance I went back to work and began working on my retirement plan,” said Dizzy.

In 2010 he resigned from Delta Beverages where he was now a Human Resources manager and got into music fulltime. In that same year he recorded his first album titled ‘Fikizolo’ which was produced by primary school classmate and friend Take-5.


Though the album was complete and on the market, Donald was now faced with a problem of finding venues to perform his music , so after exhausting  all possible avenues of getting shows, he decided to create a platform for himself and this birthed the show ‘Rhymes I Wrote’ which was held at Mannenberg.

In 2011, Donald dropped his second album titled ‘Toi Toi-The Protest’, which was an expression of the emotional turmoil he was going through, oscillating from the brick walls he was hitting in the music industry and the sad divorce he had with his wife in the same year.

The Protest was then followed up  by his third album in 2012 titled ‘Maps’ which he defines as a blueprint to anybody who wants to be a hip-hop artist in Zimbabwe.

Currently Dizzy Don runs a music shop and also owns a small business. In 2014 he will begin his studies for degree in Law at Midlands State University.